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Thorne Research – Skin Care

Thorne Research is consolidating its skin care brands, Thorne Organics and DermaQOL, into a single brand called Thorne Therapeutics™. This line will continue to offer organic, hormone-disruptor free skin and hair care products in scented and unscented formulas. We will be launching this new brand in the first quarter of 2015. Click here to read more about the new brand and launch.

Once diagnosed with cancer, a patient generally undergoes one or more treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or a combination of these. Very often these treatments can lead to nutrient imbalances and deficiencies. These nutrient imbalances and deficiencies – in addition to having an adverse effect on the patient’s quality of life – can compromise the completion of the patient’s treatment.

Responding to these nutrient imbalances and deficiencies thus becomes a critical element in meeting a cancer patient’s needs. The nutritional support of an oncology patient is an important component for the patient’s health-care provider, the patient, and the patient’s caregivers in helping to manage all aspects of cancer treatment and supportive care.

The overall nutritional wellbeing of the patient is now an important factor in determining a patient’s overall ability to tolerate their primary cancer therapy. When a patient’s nutritional status is less than optimal it can complicate the ability to sustain the ongoing treatment of their disease.

Nutritional Support of Oncology Patients

Often, the supportive nutritional needs of a patient going through cancer treatment are thought of as a second-tier matter. Cancer supportive care includes pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplementation, education, and other means that support the individual who is undergoing primary cancer treatment.

The objective of supportive care is to ensure that a cancer patient is able to successfully complete their primary treatment plan with the best quality of life possible.

Quality of Life

OncoQOL: Serving Health-Care Providers, Patients, and Caregivers When pure, safe, evidence-based nutritional supplements are appropriately formulated they can help address specific nutritional deficiencies to support the quality of life for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

OncoQOL was conceived with this need in mind.  OncoQOL is a joint business effort between two of the world’s leading health-care companies: Helsinn Healthcare SA and Thorne Research, Inc. At OncoQOL, our goal is to address the nutritional needs of cancer patients through their health-care providers and caregivers via premium quality nutritional supplements, supported by scientific data and whole-patient wellness considerations, ideally with the hope of supporting their quality of life (“QOL”).

OncoQOL products are not intended to substitute for any medications prescribed by a licensed health-care practitioner, nor are any OncoQOL products intended to be an adjunct to or augment a particular therapy or drug action in the treatment of cancer. If you are a licensed health-care practitioner, please call 1-855-ONCOQOL for information on how to obtain OncoQOL products. If you are a patient, care-giver, or consumer, to gain access to OncoQOL products please contact your licensed health-care practitioner. OncoQOL products are only available through licensed health-care practitioners and can only be taken under the supervision of a licensed health-care practitioner.