Our Mission

OncoQOL's mission is to support the quality of life of cancer patients by providing pure, safe, evidence-based nutritional supplements and personal care products together with information and education for health-care providers, patients, and caregivers. In order to support this mission, we look to the latest scientific and clinical evidence to guide the development of OncoQOL's nutritional supplement product portfolio, ensure appropriate use, and maximize outcomes.

Our Products and Programs

OncoQOL's nutritional supplement products are exclusive, specially formulated products containing nutrients and botanicals that address nutritional needs that can arise during cancer treatment.

OncoQOL products do not treat specific tumor types nor are they adjuncts to treatment, but rather, they address nutritionally-based issues that often arise during cancer care. By supporting the patient's nutritional intake and quality of life, OncoQOL products can assist in the primary therapy being completed as planned.