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Our Mission

OncoQOL’s mission is to support the quality of life of cancer patients by providing pure, safe, evidence-based nutritional supplements and personal care products together with information and education for health-care providers, patients, and caregivers. In order to support this mission, we look to the latest scientific and clinical evidence to guide the development of OncoQOL’s nutritional supplement product portfolio, ensure appropriate use, and maximize outcomes.

Our Products and Programs

OncoQOL’s nutritional supplement products are exclusive, specially formulated products containing nutrients and botanicals that address nutritional needs that can arise during cancer treatment.

OncoQOL products do not treat specific tumor types nor are they adjuncts to treatment, but rather, they address nutritionally-based issues that often arise during cancer care. By supporting the patient’s nutritional intake and quality of life, OncoQOL products can assist in the primary therapy being completed as planned.

Purity and Quality

We care that patients receive pure, highly-absorbable nutrients . . . it means results.

At OncoQOL, we know the purity of a dietary supplement product’s raw ingredients will make the difference between an effective, well-tolerated product and an inferior, poorly absorbed one that might even cause an allergic reaction. That is why our commitment to use only the purest ingredients possible – free of binders, unnecessary fillers, and flowing agents – is nothing short of obsessive.

We demand and deliver the very highest standards.

Our parent company, Thorne Research, Inc., is also our exclusive manufacturer and consistently meets or exceeds the product quality standards for dietary supplement manufacturers set by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), as well as international regulatory agencies. During an April 2011 inspection, the FDA found Thorne Research to be fully compliant with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. Fewer than two percent of dietary supplement companies achieve this result following an FDA inspection.

Since 2002 Thorne Research has also met the stringent manufacturing standards set by the Government of Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Thorne Research’s TGA certification to manufacture “medicinal products” is the same certification required for pharmaceutical manufacturers that sell their products in Australia. Thorne Research is the only U.S. dietary supplement manufacturer to hold all three levels of TGA certification.

Ingredients you don't want.

Magnesium Stearate: Good for a speed-hungry encapsulating or tableting machine. Not necessarily good for a cancer patient. Manufacturing an encapsulated dietary supplement product is not easy. A pure powdered ingredient can be difficult to mix because it can be extremely dry, or sticky with botanical oils, or it can be prone to attracting unwanted moisture. Therefore, most manufacturers will add magnesium stearate or another manufacturing aid, such as lactose or dextrose, to make the powder flow quickly and easily through a high-volume tableting or encapsulating machine. A very real concern, however, is that these additives can compromise the bioavailability of the nutrients and even cause allergenic problems.

There are documented detrimental effects directly attributable to using long-chain fatty acids as manufacturing flowing agents. Many qualified pharmaceutical compounders recognize that fatty acids such as magnesium stearate can interfere with product dissolution and negatively influence absorption. A great many dietary supplement companies, because of the economic impact, simply ignore this reality. Thorne Research, and therefore OncoQOL, will never utilize the fatty-acid excipients magnesium stearate or stearic acid in the processes we use to manufacture our products.

As a health-care provider, caregiver, or patient, you can trust OncoQOL’s commitment to provide a premium quality, evidence-based product.

OncoQOL products are not intended to substitute for any medications prescribed by a licensed health-care practitioner, nor are any OncoQOL products intended to be an adjunct to or augment a particular therapy or drug action in the treatment of cancer. If you are a licensed health-care practitioner, please call 1-855-ONCOQOL for information on how to obtain OncoQOL products. If you are a patient, care-giver, or consumer, to gain access to OncoQOL products please contact your licensed health-care practitioner. OncoQOL products are only available through licensed health-care practitioners and can only be taken under the supervision of a licensed health-care practitioner.

About Us

OncoQOL is a joint business effort between two of the world’s leading health-care companies: Helsinn Healthcare SA and Thorne Research, Inc. OncoQOL’s mission is to support the quality of life of cancer patients by providing pure, safe, evidence-based nutritional supplement products and personal care products together with information and education for health-care providers, patients, and caregivers. This is accomplished by utilizing the highest quality, most innovative nutritional supplement products and ingredients provided exclusively through Thorne Research, Helsinn Healthcare SA, and Indena S.p.A., and information and medical education through a strategic alliance with Health Elements.

About Thorne ResearchSince 1984, Thorne Research has set the standard for exceptional quality manufacturing and formulation of premium hypoallergenic dietary supplements available through licensed health-care practitioners. With more than 280 products, Thorne Research is recognized by health-care practitioners as a global leader in providing dietary supplements of the highest quality and purity. With locations in Sandpoint, ID, and Greenwich, CT, Thorne Research operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and employs more than 215 people. Further information on Thorne Research is available at

About Health ElementsHealth Elements offers comprehensive integrative care programs and services, including a broad range of medical information, products, and practice support services that are available in person and via a new online portal. Clinicians can access the tools they need to build or expand their integrative patient care capabilities and practices, with the goal of enhancing patient adherence and improving healthy outcomes. Clinicians can also access the latest scientific research and news about options in integrative disease management and wellness programs to support treatment decisions. Health Elements' practice management, clinician training, and wellness programs, combined with a comprehensive catalog of dietary supplements and other health related products, will help medical practices of all sizes to rapidly meet the demand for safe and effective integrative patient care. Through the Health Elements portal, patients are able to access information about lifestyle and health practices, the proven health benefits of dietary supplements, and guidance on dosing, drug interactions, and other relevant issues, as well as have 24/7 access to a comprehensive library of educational, disease management, and health and wellness materials.

Further information on Health Elements is available at

About HelsinnHelsinn is a privately owned pharmaceutical group with headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland and facilities in Ireland and the United States.

Helsinn Healthcare SA has been built on the basis of a unique business model, focused on the in- and out-licensing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in therapeutic niche areas. Helsinn is an important player in cancer supportive care.

Helsinn in-licenses early-to-late stage new chemical entities and completes their development from the performance of preclinical and clinical studies and chemistry, manufacturing, and control (CMC) development, to the attainment of their market approval worldwide. Helsinn then markets directly through its network of local pharmaceutical partners, selected for their deep in-market knowledge and know-how, and assisted and supported with a full range of products and scientific management services.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms are manufactured at Helsinn’s cGMP, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified facilities in Switzerland and Ireland, and supplied worldwide to its customers. Further information on Helsinn Healthcare SA is available at

About IndenaIndena S.p.A. is the leading company dedicated to the identification, development, and production of active principals derived from plants for use in the pharmaceutical, health food, and cosmetics industries. Backed up by 90 years of botanical experience, the key to Indena's success is its intense research activity. The company has more than 150 primary patents and has published more than 700 scientific studies. Indena employs more than 700 staff, 10 percent of which are dedicated to full-time research activities carried out at Settala Research Center, near Milan, Italy. Indena also cooperates with the world's most prestigious universities and private research institutions. Headquartered in Milan, Indena has five production sites and four international branches throughout the world and manages distribution operations in more than 40 countries. Indena's experts communicate and interact constantly with major international regulatory authorities such as WHO, EMEA, and ESCOP, and cooperate on the update of all the main pharmacopoeias. Further information on Indena is available at